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Sudbury wraps up 2020 construction season with $98 million in major projects completed

Ontario Construction News staff writer

2020 was a busy construction season in Sudbury, with a total investment of more than $98.7 million for the roads, water, sewer and active transportation networks, as well as bridges and large culverts.

“We continue to invest heavily in roads to ensure economic and future growth, and improve quality of life for residents,” said Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger. “This city council has recognized the importance of road quality and active transportation in our community, and has made record investments to help get us back on track. Whether it be through road rehabilitation, or more cycling routes and sidewalks, the health and safety of our community benefits long-term from these investments.”

Major projects completed:

  • Started widening of Municipal Road 35 to four lanes from Notre Dame Street East to Notre Dame Street West in Azilda. Next phase includes road widening from Notre Dame West to Highway 144 in Chelmsford and will be completed by the end of the 2021 construction season.
  • Added 3.2 kilometres of separated bike lanes on Notre Dame Avenue between Wilma Street and Lasalle Boulevard.
  • Completed “daylighting” 150 metres of Junction Creek. This entails opening of buried section of the creek and restoring it to a more natural condition to increase habitat for creek species.
  • Investment in other infrastructure projects continues including Birch Street (Azilda) culvert replacement and the Lively sewer upgrades continue through the winter months.

2020 roads, water, sewer and active transportation projects:

  • Rehabilitated 38.9 lane kilometres of roadway in 18 locations.
  • Installed 2,600 metres of new sidewalk in three locations
  • Preformed 4,116 metres of sanitary lining in 51 locations
  • Preformed 1,090 metres of water main lining at five locations
  • Replaced 2,980 metres of water main at seven locations
  • Replaced 560 metres of sanitary and storm sewer in two locations
  • Rehabilitated two bridges and replaced six
  • Installed 3,200 metres of new, dedicated bike lanes
  • Added 13,250 metres of paved shoulders in three locations
  • Completed 92,000 square metres of large asphalt patches
  • Resurfaced 25 kilometre with surface treatment at 32 locations
  • Upgraded eight wells
  • Installed 210 metres of large diameter culverts in 10 locations


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