Mine Hoists International Ltd. anticipates synergies at North Bay’s airport industrial park

mine hoists

Norther Ontario Construction News special feature

Mine Hoists International Ltd., a tenant at North Bay’s Jack Garland Airport industrial park since October 2013, expects its unique services will achieve synergies with future neighbouring tenants.

President Dan Howe says the new 14,000 sq. ft shop with an 80-tonne overhead crane and five acres of outdoor storage will meet the growing company’s needs. “We had been working out of shared space for many years but with the equipment getting bigger all the time we were tight on capacity,” Howe said. “Now we have better efficiency and more capacity to do what we need to do and the potential to grow.”

He says he had been looking for a new location for three years but development costs elsewhere always made sites too expensive. “With the industrial park the land was already flat (and) stormwater management systems were already installed. That offered a huge savings in development costs and made this expansion possible.”

The company refurbishes, rents and sells mine hoists and shaft sinking winches and also supplies mine ventilation fans and rolling stock products from its parent company Mining Equipment Ltd. Howe says the company wishes to support the North Bay economy, using local people and companies to assist with the required refurbishing and upgrading work.

He says he understands the industrial park development expects to attract other mining-related companies. These may create opportunities and synergies for Mine Hoists as the park’s occupancy increases.


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