Helicopters Canada takes flight with training, charters at Jack Garland Airport

helicoptors canada

Northern Ontario Construction News special feature

Helicopters Canada has been a tenant at the Jack Garland Airport since 2000 providing flight training to both domestic and foreign students. The business also charters flights for forestry, mining, exploration, fire suppression and tours.

President Jeff Sullivan says the company’s six helicopters and modern 15-student classroom can provide both the 100 hours of flight time and 200 hours of consecutive ground school new pilots require. “We also have the hangar and a training area on the adjacent tarmac to support student development,” he said.

He says about 30 per cent of the business is from charters.  Helicopters Canada can move both people and equipment into remote reasons. Sullivan says he looks forward to a mining industry rebound because his company will be well-positioned to support the industry’s growth.

“We do work now with regular forestry operators, mining institutions and other established organizations but there is a lot more we could be doing.” he said.

Sullivan said the company will expand its training, adding a fixed-wing flight school and two modern Cessna 172 aeroplanes.

He says he is excited by the industrial park’s expansion and the potential synergies for current and future users.


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