Comsatec Energy Management builds hangar to deliver produce and consumables for Ring of Fire communities


Northern Ontario Construction News special feature

A new tenant will soon be joining the growing list of Jack Garland Airport industrial park businesses. Comsatec, in a move to diversify its business interests, is constructing an 18,000 sq. ft. hangar.

Principal Paul Waqué says the hangar’s foundation is being poured now and the general contractor, Donald M. Séguin Ltd. of North Bay, expects to have the structure ready by late September. He said Comsatec decided to build the hangar with the prospect of Ring of Fire developments and potential joint business with northern First Nations communities.

            “The hangar will have room for two Dash-8 planes,” he said. “We see the potential of having space to rent to pilots who fly into North Bay and need short term space to get their craft out of bad weather or somewhere dry to prevent icing prior to take-off.”

            The hangar will be a terminal to support shipping fresh produce and other consumables into the north. Waqué says similar services are provided for northwestern Ontario through Thunder Bay and he believes northeastern Ontario could also be a potential market.

            He would also like to investigate a third-party relationship to support Comsatec’s activity and expects there may be synergies with new businesses yet to move into the park. “The City of North Bay is aggressive in bringing industry to the airport,” he said. “We recognized the potential and wanted to be part of it.”


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